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Well it has been a while since I had a chance to update my patients on some changes that have happened in what seems only weeks ago and yet it has been 6 months. I am now mom to two little girls – our latest addition is Isabel.
Thank you to everyone for your patience, good wishes and congratulations.

Now up for discussion is the latest in health concerns…H1N1…so many concerns for so many people. Yet I really feel that the World Health Organization (WHO) has responded in such an alarmed manner mainly due to the scare that we had with SARS, and the anticipation of the avian flu. It seems to me that for some reason we are ‘awaiting’ a pandemic of some kind. Why? maybe ‘awaiting’ is not the right word, it really is fear. We fear the possibility of a pandemic!

I feel however that this is an irrational fear in the average population. Are we underestimating the ability of our immune systems to serve us? Most people who live a relatively healthy life (diet, sleep, hygiene, etc.) have immune systems that can respond to most infections be they viral or bacterial. I think that what would be helpful to focus on is on our day-to-day maintenance. We need to stop focusing on the possibilities of contracting something and focusing instead in nourishing our bodies.

I like to compare our bodies to soil – or ‘terrain’ if you will. Think of health as being in balance. If our bodies have a ‘healthy’ terrain, they are able to fend off those infections or challenges which are detrimental – it will be easier for us to stay in balance. This means giving our cells enough water, nutrition and getting rid of waste as best possible. If on the other hand we have a terrain that already lacks nutrients, hydration, and is ‘clogged-up’ with waste, then we can only expect to be more susceptible to getting out of balance.

So what we really need to do instead of worrying about anti-virals is to focus on nourishing ourselves (in all areas of our life) as best as we can. Using a good diet, limiting white flour, sugar, moving our bodies, getting a good laugh, focusing on what makes us happy and getting decent rest.
Here’s hoping that more of us come to realize this.

Yours in health,

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