Ana G. Lara N.D. – Naturopathic Clinic

The Naturopathic Clinic is a professional naturopathic medical office that focuses in providing excellent patient care. My purpose is to help patients achieve their health goals with the use of natural therapies and lifestyle education. I believe that every person can benefit from naturopathic care whether it is to treat a chronic condition, an acute symptom or to maintain optimal health; this is why I am therefore able to treat patients of all ages and all states of health.

Why Nature Cure?

Nature cure is a term used to describe the use of therapies that are based on common sense reasoning to not only cure and treat disease, but also to prevent disease. It uses therapies found in nature that do not oppose the normal physiology (workings) of the body and the body systems to heal themselves.

There is an inherent force in nature that guides the healing process. This force is constantly acting within our body in an attempt to maintain balance. The accumulation of toxins, the inability to discharge toxins, nutritional deficiencies, poor diet, and mental or emotional negative stress all interfere with this inherent force. This is how the disease process begins. Naturopathic medicine is focused on helping the healing process occur.

In my opinion it is the best way of treating an individual as a whole. There is not one specific focus or specialty because there is an understanding that we are the sum of our parts (and much more).

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